Shades of Saad Bilgrami – An actor with a rapidly rising fan base

Shades of Saad Bilgrami
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Saad Bilgrami is one of those artists who put his heart and soul into any role he was given. In his payoff, there’s something, who can act with his eyes, whose voice has authority, and who is slowly but steadily achieving his goal. It will not be surprising to see a new star emerge in the Indian film industry one day.

On the OTT platform, we’re seeing a lot of new artists, one of which is Saad Bilgrami. Saad Bilgrami has played different characters in many web series, one of which is the role of Billu Badmaash played in Binge`s The Sarkari Karyalay season 2, which is being noticed by people.

Billu Badmaash

Yesterday we spoke to Saad Bilgrami and we came to know that he has done a lot of characters like in Gullak Season 2 (TVF series)  he played the character named Lucky and in the uncommon sense with Saloni, he did an episode and played a very different character.  both the characters were very different and on his Instagram, the character of Acche Bhai and Saad Lucknwi is quite famous and appreciated by the public and You will be surprised to know that both these characters have been created by Saad Bilgrami himself.

He has also written many sketches for TVF. Saad is also a very good writer.

Now he has played a really different and much-appreciated character in a series called Sarkari Karyalaya season 2 on binge channel. He played the character of Billu Badmaash, which is being liked by the people and is also being appreciated a lot of people are saying that he has acted with his eyes, his eyes were very expressive.  Apart from this, you will find him in TVF’s show The Hostel daze season 2. The series has been released on Amazon Prime. You can watch him in the first episode of the series and Saad’s character, Shailesh, is attractive, and you will appreciate his performance.

saad bilgrami: Hostel Daze

He’s also done a lot of videos with TVF in the past. In terms of acting, he believes that one should try to stay as close to reality as possible while maintaining the beauty of the profession. To act naturally, you must be aware of the situation, and keeping your inner child alive is quite beneficial!

Shades of Saad Bilgrami:

Role: Billu Badmaash

Web Series: The Sarkari Karyalay season 2

Billu Badmaash is a character who is seeking to get famous in crime like his father & grandfather. it’s quite funny to see him in the role of a confused gangster.

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