Candy Review: ‘Candy,’ a web series, manages to keep you engaged till the end.

Candy Review
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Candy Review: This online series will appeal to those who love suspense. Candy’s central mystery is who is the murderer, and it isn’t easily answered.

There should be a school for young boys and girls in the lovely hill valleys, with drug pills swinging in the air to loud music, some moody-freak-suspicious-looking persons, murders occurring one after the other, and no one knowing who the suspects are. In the dark, there is a red-eyed, pointed-horned creature within me. In such a scenario, the entire spice for any suspense thriller is instantly prepared. The confectionery created by director Ashish R. Shukla has it all. Candy, an eight-episode web series on Voot Select, gets up steam right away and keeps the audience guessing till the very end. If you enjoy stuff like this, where a murder occurs in a matter of minutes and the issue of who the culprit is, then you’ll love the candy.


The body of Mehul Awasthi, a student at Rudra Valley School in Rudra Kund, is discovered hanging from a tree in the jungle at the beginning¬†of the series. There’s a lot of activity going on. DSP Ratna Sankhwar (Richa Chadha) leads an official inquiry, while instructor Jayant Parikh (Ronit Roy) collects evidence in his own unique manner. The situation becomes more difficult when it is revealed that Mehul was slain by Masan, an ugly-giant-mysterious demon that dwells in the jungle. Masaan has returned after a long absence. How many more will he murder now? Masaan’s old legends also reveal that he killed whom he killed. What were the identities of the females that were raped? The girls who have been victims of Masaan get a unique mark on their necks. Is it possible to think that a strange monster-like Masan exists in today’s world? With Mehul’s death, it’s also revealed that Vayu (Nakul Roshan Sahdev), the son of Rudrakund MLA Ranaut (Manu Rishi Chadha), is intoxicating schoolchildren with his candy business. In a rabbit mask, he operates a nightclub. ¬†Is he a Masan or not?

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There are a few more characters in this scene. Kalki Rawat (Rawat) accompanied Mehul to the jungle and narrowly avoided Masaan, Sanjay, Imran, and John, the three lads who severely raped Mehul. MLA Ranaut and some of his guys, Kalki’s gardener father, school administrator, school counselor In the highlands, there are numerous accounts of ghosts and spirits. No one knows how much of the truth is true. Candy takes full advantage of the situation. Forest accidents, confectionery factories, and the commerce of air intoxicants are all established under the guise of Masaan. Intoxication, on the other hand, reaches Thailand, according to DSP Ratna, who claims that the X66 drug arrived in Rudrakund straight from Thailand five to six years ago. Who was the one who delivered it? Is there any link between him and Masaan in terms of forest accidents and drug trafficking? So, what exactly is Masaan’s truth?

Candy Review:

Candy Review
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Candy is a slow-moving film from start to finish, but the final two episodes are thrilling. The needle of uncertainty trembles from right to left, keeping the characters in front. When it appears that Masaan’s secret has been disclosed, a fresh twist appears. Rudrakund is transformed into a lake of death. Candy’s main purpose is to keep the audience guessing, and it succeeds.

The supporting cast is well written. Richa Chadha, who rose to the rank of DSP, is usually in uniform, and the graph of her terrible personal tale does not go too high, but she might have been more gorgeous. She looked great in certain moments, and her acting was excellent, but the director just left her in that position in others. Ronit Roy is attractive, and he has portrayed the character accurately. Manu Rishi Chaddha is largely unremarkable, but in the last two episodes, he makes an impression.

He appears to be less at ease in the role and more preoccupied. Gopal Dutt Tiwari, Riddhi Kumar, and Nakul Roshan Sahdev have all performed well in their parts. Nakul had previously starred in the films Gully Boy and Paglat, and he is recalled in this film. Riddhi Kumar is a well-known Tamil-Tegulu actress who hails from Maharashtra. This is his first significant Hindi work. The doors of Kandy’s Season 2 are open at the point when the first season closes. When the second season arrives, the plot dictates that Riddhi will take the lead.

Candy Review
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Candy’s writing has a Bollywood feel to it. Advance Joshi and Devjit Das Purkayastha, as writers, do not attempt to accomplish something unique in the modern age. His scenes written on all of the characters are exactly the same. Previously, director Ashish R. Shukla has directed web series such as Unseen (2020) and features such as Prague (2013) and Bahut Hua Samman (2020). Films are more entertaining. Despite the fact that he is in Kandy, he has a tight handle on the situation from start to finish.


SO there is our Candy Review and hope you have enjoyed it. in our opinion, this is the must-watch web series for 2021. Download the Voot app and enjoy the Candy tonight. Please subscribe to our website for more Candy Review.

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