Biography of Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg

We are going to tell you in detail about the age and biography of Greta Thunberg, a girl living in Sweden, this little girl is spreading awareness about climate change worldwide. Such a girl of such a young age has such a big thinking that her thinking and swollen shook the whole world. So, let’s take a look at Greta Thunberg’s personal and professional life.

It is said that depending on the upbringing of children, what they will grow up to be and how they will behave. It is the responsibility of the parents to create a complete behavior of the children. Just as the parents teach the child, she brings the practical form in her life. But if the present time is seen today, then today’s children are already so intelligent that there is no need to explain to the parents. On the basis of their ability, they achieve what their parents never think. One such charisma has been done by a 16-year-old girl who has made her name not only in her country but also in remote countries. Yes, that girl’s name is Greta Thunberg. Let’s know about her in detail –

Who is Greta Thunberg?

Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old girl who is a student as well as an influential personality for the younger generation of today who has forced millions of people to join her talk. She is a 16-year-old girl who has shaken the world with her thoughts and her thoughts are that she wants to save her nature. To save his nature, under the age of 8, he is engaged in solving the problems of nature as his problems. Today, his association with nature has made her an effective face of the whole world, who wants to change not his country but the whole world.

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Greta Thunberg Birthday and Family

Greta Thunberg a girl who has shown the courage to change the whole world in front of everyone. She was born on 3 January 2003 in a small town called Stockholm. Her mother, whose name is Malaena Ernmarg, is an opera singer. Her father is an actor named Sawanté Thunberg. Greta’s association with nature has been with her childhood. By the time she was in the third grade, from that time she had become so much aware of the damage done to her environment and global warming that she had become anxious thinking about it and went into depression. Gradually, she continued her studies and at the age of 8, she learned everything about global warming and started talking about climate change.

Greta Thenberg’s attachment to the environment

She wanted to know and know so much about the environment, about which she had launched a campaign against the Swedish government. She used to think only about her environment at that time and would pay attention to how much harm is being done to animals by humans, how global warming is being promoted. In today’s world, it is such a future generation that has taken a step that has taken millions of people with them and taking the environmental problem seriously. Greta started thinking so much about the environment that she succumbed to many diseases. She stopped talking to anyone, even She stopped going to school due to his concerns. She had a disease called Asperger’s syndrome. Despite this disease, she has not considered herself weak but instead of taking this disease as her strength, she is moving forward and fighting for her environment. Such patients are forced to think exactly the same thing with their minds and they answer to anyone directly in the mouth and do not think at all.

She used to think so much about the environment that she even stopped eating and drinking, at the age of 11, she drowned in depression. Due to this, his 10 kg weight was reduced in 2 months. Her family members also helped her a lot in this struggle against the environment, due to which she kept moving forward day by day and today she has reached the point that people from all over the world have joined her. His awareness of the environment made his parents vegetarian because he thinks that it is wrong for us to eat animals by killing the animals present in the environment. With this we are damaging our environment and increasing our steps daily to destroy the environment. He herself wanted to inspire people to change the environment alone, for which he also distributed many leaflets and went to different places and explained the importance of environment to the people.

The struggles of Greta Thunberg’s life

Greta Thunberg Life
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He began the first struggle of her life to stop having guns in her school. That means the children and elders there have complete freedom to keep arms. They can also attack someone at any time and end their life. He took her step against this and raised his voice against the Swedish government that this rule should be scrapped. In which they should study in school and learn new things. At such a time, she was moving forward-thinking of bringing a new change in her country. The 15-year-old girl shook the Swedish government and forced her to change this rule.

Then he raised her main mission against the environment and during one program gave a speech that shook the whole world. He told the government in the first line of her speech that “You have ruined my childhood, you have crushed my dreams”. They are so much concerned about their environment that they have stopped traveling with things like airplanes and cars, they use their bicycle to go anywhere, to tell people that we do not have the support of these technologies Should be taken. He took a boat to go to the UK. She left her home on 14 August to travel on a small boat and arrived in the UK on 28 August. It met many big people there and spoke on the issue of the environment. He put his problems there and explained how carbon emissions are becoming the biggest cause of global warming.

Greta Thunberg steps into the environment

Greta took many drastic steps for the environment.

On 23 September 2015, under the Paris Climate Agreement, he raised her voice to stop the gases from the greenhouse. For which he had planned a worldwide strike on 27 September.

  • In the year 2018, at the age of 15, he wrote an article in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagblet, expressing her views towards the environment and impressed people. Her essay also made her the winner of the competition and that essay was also published in the newspaper.
  • At the age of just 16, at the beginning of 2018, he campaigned for a global climate strike across the world and started taking a front against her government for a climate. She would leave her school every Friday and sit directly outside Parliament House, where she met many big leaders.
  • By 24 May, these things attracted about 130 countries and forced them to join. 11, 00,000 students decided to join them and took out a rally and many marches with them.
  • This small voice of Thanberg shook the whole world. Keeping her views, he told how heat is increasing in the world. If the temperature drops below 2 degrees, it will be difficult for us to breathe in this environment.
  • He put the issue before the UK that due to the way he is using fossil fuels, due to which carbon is spreading in our environment. That is the biggest reason for promoting global warming. This process should be stopped completely so that our environment can be saved, otherwise the time will come when we will also need to carry oxygen cylinders to breathe.
  • Tears come to her eye when talking about the environment. Therefore, she is going from place to place to save her environment and wants to make people aware of their environment.
  • He told that the way we are using plastic, one day our oceans will be completely destroyed and marine life will also be destroyed. To prevent the demolition, we should not buy water or anything that is sealed in plastic, because by doing this we are putting ourselves in such a deep moat from which it will be very difficult to get out.
  • Every Friday when she goes outside Parliament House at her school time, then big politicians and leaders meet her there. Gradually, she started becoming famous in the media and in the newspapers. Her thoughts affected the people so much that lakhs of people had joined her within 21 days of the strike.
  • On the day of 15 March 2019, she wrote in the pages of history because when he called for a strike against the environment, about 6 million people from 2233 cities of 128 countries came and participated in this strike with him. The girl who had started a small movement standing outside the Parliament, her efforts turned into an international movement.

The achievements of Greta Thunberg’s life

Greta Thunberg
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At the age of just 16, Greta Thunberg has made many achievements in her name.

  • The first achievement he has achieved is the voice of a Swedish youth movement which has become the inspiration of the youth who raise their voice for climate change.
  • Alternatively, she was awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize for raising her voice for climate change. Which is also called the Right Livelihood Award.
  • One of her greatest achievements is that she was alone when she started raising her voice against the environment, but today more than 4 million people from more than 150 countries have joined her.
  • In view of the awareness and dedication to the environment, the steps he has taken, he has been rewarded with prize money of 1 million Swedish kronor i.e. 10 lakh 3000 or 94000 Euro.
  • She has also received as a prize that today he has become such a young face of the world, who has taken an important step after realizing the problems of her environment and abandoning everything in her life. Which is not only inspiring for the future generations but also inspires the present generation to a great extent.

Greta Thunberg Interesting Facts

Greta Thunberg Facts
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  • Her parents are not related to any such science-related things, but one of her distant family members, whose name is Sawanthe Dhenheen, was a scientist. He cited the greenhouse effect in 1896 as one of the main causes of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • At the age of 8 years, when she had only heard about things like climate change and global warming and got full information about it from her teachers.
  • She took steps to protect the environment, the first step of which was that he started growing vegetables near her home for her own food.
  • On December 4, 2018, at the age of just 15, Greta became the youngest person to be given a speech at the United Nations organized event. She addressed the Cop24 United Nations Climate Change Summit and spoke in front of everyone. Laid.
  • On 23 January 2019, she traveled by train to address the World Economic Forum, in which she traveled 32 hours. On the other hand, 1500 people resorted to their private plane to reach this forum, which Greta considered against the environment.
  • Greta is very fond of playing with pet dogs. In the house where she lives in Sweden, she has two pet dogs with whom she spends much of her time and also plays them.
  • By 2019, due to her hard work and tireless efforts, her affected steps brought her to a place that the owner of Time magazine set an example to print her picture on the cover page of the magazine. Her exploits had already shaken the whole world, later when her picture appeared in this magazine, the whole world saw her as a new identity.

In the end, if seen, the inspiration of Greta Thunberg’s life is that if a girl can take such a big movement, then every young person in the world should take steps for their environment, our environment which is going to fall into the abyss of darkness It can be saved from there. Being aware of the environment and understanding the protection of the environment is very important in today’s time. If it is not understood, then we will not find any place to eat and drink and even to breathe. Taking seriously all the problems related to our environment and related to global warming, it is very important in today’s time that we get to learn from the life of Greta Thunberg.

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